Shopping Guide for Festive Jewellery

Celebrations in India are about joy, splendor. The festive season is here and so is the quest for latest trends in jewellery. It is that time of the year, when the social media is floored with festive collections, , best bargains & deals, offers and a whole lot of promotion.

For a consumer, it is definitely a toughest decision making process with so many exciting designs and offers. So how do we select the best for us? Let’s take an understanding to psychological behavior of the consumer. A quick two pointers will define the consumer behavior pattern.

  • Human beings are intrinsically drawn to renewal and change.
  • A new purchase decision is based on appeal which is absolute eternal and versatile.

So how do we meet these demands with ever evolving design trends that is classic, eternal, modest and exclusive at same time?

Notandas Jewellers brings the easy festive buying guide for jewellery. There are certain pieces which encapsulate a kind of charm that is sure to not fade through the generations. The captivating designs come with a simple twist, which gives way to amaze. So what are we talking about!

Dwitvam : Modular Jewellery – Introducing a bedazzling array of collection that can be convertible or worn into pendant and ring, ring and bracelet, bracelet and necklace and so on. The biggest appeal of jewellery that can be changed is that ‘a woman also changes so much throughout the day between her career and home, between a desire to be extravagant and modest.’ And these masterpieces are work of admiration, very practical, fashionable and transformable; just for a woman of today.

Challenging such personas, we select pieces which are the easiest way to add glitz and glamour to any outfit. Bring in the essence with designer pieces that will add a unique statement and elevates your personality.

A choker and a bracelet: This simple and elegant piece has an innate quality of looking elegant with anything you wear. You can pair it up with traditional outfits like saree or lehenga and even with western dresses to create a smart fusion look. Inquire for this 18kT diamond choker cum bracelet at our store today.

 A bunch of gorgeous pearls with diamond and gemstone brooch at the centre is just classic and resonates style and elegance at the same time. How about turning this into a bracelet for a while. Swap the looks from choker to bracelet with ease. If you have such centre pieces, which you would like to facelift the look, then get a bespoke design at our store.


 Did u see a ring or you see a pair of ear studs? A fashionable ethnic 18kt gold, pearl and diamond ring has two motifs which accentuate the finger when you want and suit it up as earrings for another. Click here to see this stunning ring turned into a pair of ear studs 


Delicate bracelets are very modern, stylish and easy piece of jewellery to style and pull off. Aiming for minimal look, wear this stylish diamond jewellery as a bracelet for dine-outs or a ring for cocktails!


A ring or a pendant! Bored with a ring, then wear it as a pendant for a change. See how the gorgeous ring unfolds into a pendant without any tools or skills!.


Apart from these, we have several options that gives you more occasion to wear your jewellery. Reinvent, Relook. Contact our jewellery personnel for innovations and modifications for new, old, any piece. Be the designer.

And lastly, it’s bound to be worth a pretty penny, but we think that there are modest ways to add a little convenience to accessorizing.